Beginning Approaches.

This blog will be home to the documentation of the process and journey of creating my album. The album’s intention is to bring awareness to the environmental problem that is littering and misplacement of rubbish, I plan to do this through the use of solely recordings from real-life rubbish.

The final outcome will then be a ten-track contemporary dance music album, heavily influenced by Drum N Bass and the sub-genres surrounding it. The project will be also be used to enhance my personal audio manipulation skills, as well as observing audio processing in a different, more creative way. Techniques such as those pioneered by Pierre Schaeffer will be demonstrated, along side inspiration from modern electronic music.

This blog will guide you through the creative steps and planning that is taking place when creating the final product of this project. Following me as I record sounds, compose and create tracks, and collaborate with fellow people based in the music, and waste control industry. Weekly posts will be conducted, following an array of images and videos showcasing my work and the foregoing process.

I hope that this blog will be as enjoyable for you to read it as it has been for me creating the project.

Author: Gloom (UK)

Third year music production student from Bristol.

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